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Where We Are - And

Will Be Tomorrow

From the mid 1990's, CSI has embarked on an intense program of advanced print development, in concert with our technically superior partner suppliers. We are dedicated to addressing the need for the "Analog-to-Digital Transformation" in the corrugated industry and print supply chains. Current convention results in excess inventory, long lead-times and capital waste.

These advances resulted in Commercially Printed Corrugated products of unparalleled quality and quantity, as witnessed by the many TAPPI, AICC and FTA awards. These achievements have been shared with multiple companies aspiring to Hi-graphics, as far afield as New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Japan, as well as North America.

The intense development program continues, combining the technical excellence of advanced technologies, equipment and materials; including fully integrated vision inspection systems, color management, registration and image verification - all at extreme volume production speeds.

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