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New challenges have been posed by the rapidly changing demands of major global retailers, with their requirement for High Graphics Corrugated Packaging

On Demand

Preprinted Board

Design, Prepress,

Training and


Why PrePrint Today? Because PrePrint is the best way to get high quality print onto corrugated board, and therefore finished boxes. Of course, PrePrint is nothing new to the corrugated industry, but what makes CSI's approach unique and fresh is our highly advanced methods and processes. CSI has advanced the application of preprinting processes that can realize the results in a reliable and timely manner.

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High quality graphics without any capital investment
Increased productivity and profitability
Increased throughput / finishing / converting
Higher converting line speeds
Reduced downtime
Minimal R&A
Consistent print quality and repeatability for your customer


No flute lines
Higher quality papers
Less waste - Stop throwing away entire sheets
Tighter print process control
Light-weighting - Lower basis weights without loss of print quality
Printing is performed in a clean, controlled environment
Eliminates board issues as they relate to PostPrint ( dents, blisters, scuffing, etc.)

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