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We Provide

Unparalleled Performance

In Sheet Supply

In 1982, we established the first dedicated sheet feeder facility in North America, and we are still doing it today. CSI is a Project Development and Operational Services company specializing in the corrugated packaging industry.


What We Can Do For You... In Your Own Box Plant
• Consulting

• Feasibility studies

• Plant layouts and revisions

• Audits (operational, practices, processes, equipment, etc.)

• Best practices, training

• Advance corrugated packaging, flexographic and digital printing at the highest levels
• Establish disciplines required to achieve state of the art packaging and advanced printing techniques
• Define and apply methods and practices to production processes, equipment, and functions
• Demonstrate the capability by running the process and producing the products
• Provide effective equipment and materials

How We Do It

• Feasibility analysis / proforma / budgeting

• Facility design / engineering

• Construction / installation / startup

• Lender liason and vendor management

• Collective equipment purchasing power

• Guaranteed paper supply by contract

• On-site leadership / training

• Skilled manpower and supplies

• Ongoing facility management

• Access to the international network of CSI, vendors, and management

• Performance measurement and analysis

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